Why are women still the big elephant in the room?

I’m not going to say here that women are still facing the same problems as always. But, also, I don’t want to lie to you and say that now that we can work, study and vote, everything is great.

It’s not.

When there are more women studying, and yet they are not making as much money as men, we can tell: there’s something strange here. And I’m referring not only to Brazil, the country I’ll write from, but also to the whole world.

A bunch of people I know (including fellow women) work in great places. As great places, I say they have their rights as workers respected: they earn their salary every month, they can take paid vacations, and even get health care, maternity leave, etc. Many have women as bosses, and some of my women friends also are bosses.

So, why do I think women are the elephant in the room? Why am I talking about it in the first place?