GES Video: Values to Guide Economies

The crisis of 2008 was not only an economic one, it was also a crisis of values. Caused by rampant self-interest and an obsession with profit maximization, we witnessed the near-collapse of the international financial system. In the hope of righting these wrongs, the motto of the Global Economic Symposium 2015 is “Values to Guide Economies.”

GES Video: Chances of Migration

Integrating refugees into the labor market is a big challenge. There are many formal barriers, for one. Refugees without asylum won’t be assigned a German language course and can’t work for the first months after their arrival. Such restrictions seem petty given the demographic shifts brought by Germany’s aging population.

Entrepreneurship as Leverage for Legal Migration

Kebba-Omar Jagne is one of the GES Young Fellows 2015. He is founder of “Making Our Visions and Aspirations Reality” (MOVAAR), an initiative that aims to support entrepreneur-led, community based development efforts through skills formation and project-based learning. In his guest post he explains the relationship between entrepreneurship and the legal migration from conflict countries.

We are Humans, no Beasts

He calls it a “paradox of our time”. Mustafa Cerić, Ph.D., Grand Mufti Emeritus of Bosnia, discusses in his blog post how to deal with the developments of the recent years. While food production has risen, more and more people are suffering from hunger. While science has improved, mythical obsession is getting stronger. There are many examples that make the human kind look like beasts from the outside.