Information and action

Today we all know – or at least most of us know – how to get information, but at the same time, many of us don’t actually know what to do with the overflow of information we get.

We can’t just open the website of a newspaper and think we already know everything about anything. We must dig through a sea of information for what really matters to us. As it is easy to get information, it is also easy to get lost, and, in the end, we end up knowing nothing more than we did before. In other words, what are we looking for: info on the rainy season in Somalia, something about starvation in some parts of Africa or Asia, or just the sports news in Brazil?

In order to search for this information, we need some essential tools to know the path to what we are looking for. We must not only optimize information but also the ways to get to it and, in addition, improve the way we use what we know and learn.