Targeting Nominal GDP, a Powerful and Trendy Idea

The following article deals with the topic “The Future of Central Banking: Inflation Targeting vs. Financial Stability,” which will be discussed at the Global Economic Symposium in Rio this October. The author intends to enrich the discussion at the symposium with his personal stories and ideas.

Central banking in times of crisis and its future – introducing

First of all, I guess a brief introduction is in order. I’m an economist based in São Paulo, Brazil; 32; working in financial markets since months before the great Argentina default of 2001. Though I was a fairly decent undergrad student, I think I developed most of my current strengths from learning with some brillian

t bosses and colleagues with whom I was lucky to work and from my almost unstoppable urge to understand how the world works (together with the belief, held from a very early age, that, as a Brazilian journalist put it, there’s no alternative to reading). The extremely nice people from Bertelsmann Foundation found me through my blog in Portuguese, and conceded me the honor of writing about the future of central banking for Future Challenges. So, here I am.