GES Video: Chances of Migration

Integrating refugees into the labor market is a big challenge. There are many formal barriers, for one. Refugees without asylum won’t be assigned a German language course and can’t work for the first months after their arrival. Such restrictions seem petty given the demographic shifts brought by Germany’s aging population.

The Effects of Monetary Policy during Financial Crises: Initially Useful, but Subsequently Largely Ineffective

The effects of monetary policy during financial crises can dramatically differ from normal times. If central banks do not take this into consideration, their policies may lead to huge welfare losses. In a study, three researchers from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy investigated the financial policies of the past 30 years for 20 major economies.

Creating Community: Social Media, a Tool for Integration

The current Europe-wide influx of migrants has undeniably sparked anti-foreigner sentiments across the entire continent. In Brussels, record numbers of incoming refugees are adding to the city’s already large pre-existing foreign-born population. Now, more than ever, we need a solution to ensure the successful integration between foreigners and locals., a social networking site aiming to connect foreigners and locals in Brussels, will foster communication and interaction between various demographics, thus ensuring a happy, helpful community.

“It’s an Economic Disaster”

Kristine and Douglas Tompkins, founders of Esprit and The North Face, were very successful in their businesses. Nowadays, their focus has shifted and their goal is now to preserve nature wherever they can. At the 2015 Global Economy Prize, we interviewed them on their perspectives on the relationship between business success and environmental protection.