Behavioral Interventions: Designing Policy For Real People

Why is it that in many cases the theoretic approach to solving an economic problem fails or maybe does not work as designed? Karla Hoff, Co-Director of the World Development Report at The World Bank, shares her view on this issue in a solution proposal of the GES 2015: “Real people behave differently from the made-up model of homo economicus. More than that, the differences are systematic. “

A “High Shiny Visa Deal” at the Wrong Time

On the occasion of the kick-off of Mercator Dialogue on Asylum and Migration (MEDAM), the political scientist and GES Session Organizer
Dr. Diğdem Soyaltın (Istanbul Gelisim University) visited the Kiel Institute for the World Economy to give insights into the current situation of refugees in Turkey. We had the chance to ask her on the EU-Turkey deal and why the Visa issue is so important for Turkey.

What makes the GES special?

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