Work in progress: A “European solution” to the refugee crisis

The refugee crisis is still around, although the EU’s deal with Turkey slowed down the wave of people coming to Europe. Yet, there are still many questions to be answered, as Dennis Snower, President of the GES, states in his editorial of the GES Special Report on irregular immigration. This report includes four concrete expert proposals made at the GES 2015, which are particularly relevant at this political juncture.

A Question of Identity

“The real challenge [deriving from the Eurozone crisis] is not just to work out the most efficient economic solution or the most persuasive political one, but to find a new narrative for the European Union, one that will give its inhabitants a new sense of identity and purpose.” This is the main thesis of Prof. Dennis Snower’s blog post, in which he elaborates on this issue and how to master that challenge.

Europe’s valuable Resource

Imagine an extraterrestrial creature landing in Brussels on a grey January time. It hears about the euro zone crisis and asks for an explanation. Here is how one such explanation could run. “The euro zone is in crisis because some of its countries have spent more than they have earned and thus they have accumulated…